I'm a passionate Photographer/Marriage Officiant/Public Relations who is inspired by the beauty of it all. I'm in love with love and always striving to capture it through my vision. Many say they are blessed by materialistic things, I say I am blessed with the gift of being able to freeze time through beautiful images and being able to capture those moments makes my life worth living. 

When I Photograph you

Let me tell your story. We are surrounded by beautiful locations all throughout New York City. My photography is whimsical and very much for the moment. I love capturing the attraction and the natural magic within you and your loved ones.

Love Shoots: Are shoots that may involve a couple, siblings or parents or grandparents. They are all about love and attraction.

People: Free shooting of interesting people living life.​​​​ This shoot is good for festivals, conventions, street fairs, BBQ's, family reunions, etc.

Life: Creating memories by freezing time in the moment.

​​​​I work on location and need to coordinate at least 4 weeks in advance with a non-refundable 30% deposit to hold the date. Please keep in mind that once I reserve the date I lose that time to a potential customer. The rest of payment is due the day of shoot.

When I marry you

I strongly believe in love in everything you do in life, especially relationships. I grew up believing in romance and live for weddings. Just watching people connect and grow into a family has always excited me. I love people and when you do more of what you love, you love you more.

Connecting with others is one thing I enjoy in life. Sharing a great experience like the union of love ones is inspirational for me. Marriage is beautiful in the sense that it is developed through an experience that is so connected with the love for life.


I've always been involved in weddings, whether I was the flower girl, the maid of honor, the bridesmaid, the photographer or the wedding coordinator, I have always been involved in the beauty of it all. 

As an Officiant in New York City I bring my first hand experience of creativity, coordination, surrounded by love ones and just genuinely happy for people that find love. 

I’ve been a photographer my whole life and throughout the years have always enjoyed listening to people's stories and feelings, often finding myself helping them in some way re-connecting to what they thought they lost. I am inspired by my clients and my family. My parents have been married for over 50 years, proving that love is alive. I have a little eleven year old girl, who also teaches me everyday how important it is to communicate. I am a very funny person, my cousin calls me the Latina Lucille Ball because I often make people laugh. In my opinion laughter and love go side by side and we all need it. 

 As an officiant, I help couples express their stories of love through ceremony. Each couple has a different story, allowing me to create an original ceremony for each.

I’m am always available, as we work together to create your ceremony. We can communicate and exchange ideas to create a memorable ceremony for you.

When I work on your Public Relations

I dedicate my time to help you build your brand through social media, the news, promotion, events and much more. I am driven by passion and that's what makes me work harder.

Please email me at skysocean1@gmail.com for more information or to arrange a phone, or in-person meeting. 

Contact me
ON Location 

Wherever the wind takes me.

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